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We’re open to anything as long as it’s THEMED. Send us your suggestions! Which Tumblrs are you lovin’ at the moment?

2 years ago 105 notes
  1. lafarandole answered: lafarandole! photography + contemporary art themed
  2. zahratheshutterbug answered: zahratheshutterbug hehe
  3. songscriptnarrative answered: I write a blog about cool women in creative industries: www.lola… ! (a few kewl interviews to be posted shortly) :-D
  4. fette answered:
  5. superlativewonderland answered: superlative wonderland <3
  6. ivancrush answered:
  7. vlture answered: Mee. Maybe.
  8. labalestra said: Sci fi images and ideas: tannhausersgate.tumblr….
  9. labalestra answered: daily photography and portraits:
  10. karolinalebek said: www.karo…
  11. damadesign answered: www.spir…
  12. deadchildstar answered: art photoblog
  13. kirkcassandra answered: My tumblr is a record of everything I’ve ever had published, a small photo album called Goodbye Beijing, plus some random pictures of things.
  14. stdymbbn answered:,
  15. marinosssauro answered:…
  16. tehenboutique answered: thedevilwearspearls
  17. wearesuburbs answered:
  18. juliagilmour answered:
  19. amethysteinsomnia answered: amethysteinsomnia.tumbl…
  20. at-tawba answered: opheliehasagun.tumblr.c…
  21. gloriashizicoyi answered: shizicoyiondrawings.tum… feature drawings of a painter’s life in london
  22. marishkaanne answered:…
  23. sexustexas answered:
  24. opqlr answered:  !!!
  25. notgoingtolietoyou answered: loving fuckyeahboysinskirts a lot, there’s been a few new tumblrs that have come out lately but this is the original and best.
  26. nobiggy answered: photography
  27. unculturedmag answered:
  28. wewalkonlava answered:…
  29. yvonneemilie answered: fuckyeahuniquefaces.tum…
  30. coack answered: Mine haha
  31. suzefrances answered: I’m drawn to muted colours, portrait photography, and fashion.
  32. angeladatre answered: www.ange…
  33. adventuresfromtherock answered: ulzzang, bubfeed,corgiaddict
  34. mgnlovely answered:
  35. johnkilar answered:
  36. jessicastam answered: ;)
  37. samstonge answered:… some portraits of some firends