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I Haven’t Got A Tumblr To Wear

How about a Tumblr with nothing more than an excellent selection of images this week, then? Normally a novel theme or idea would be a prerequisite in being selected as our Tumblr o’ t’week , but this week we exclaimed ‘nay!’ and decided that cool images in circles was just fine by us. We’re kind of fickle that way. Next week we may feature ‘Penguins in Peculiar Places’, or we could feature the Tumblr of a Conneticut-based 14-year old Belieber titled ‘Love My Life’. Most likely the penguin one though. Because penguins rule, and Justin Bieber does not.

…or maybe you have a suggestion that trumps an imaginary Tumblr called ‘Penguins in Peculiar Places’?

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